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Everyday Accompaniment and Caregiver

Standards of our education contain 2 parts that are human care and health. In the future we will continue to improve our existing educations and add new sectors to our program.

Our Mission & Vision

We progress and create a qualified coworkers for Everyday Accompaniment and Caregiver.

Active Learning

With different examples and variety of equipments, we don`t only learn but we also provide active examples from everyday life.

Social Improvement

We learn and improve our social skills with a group between 15 to 20 people and doing many activities which is also helpful during care progress of our work.

Medical Service

Medical service includes many small but important implementations that you will learn during education process.

Focus on Education

To learn and improve yourself, you should focus on education and with enough knowledge, you can implement your talents to your work in a best way.

Working Opportunities

Todays Germany needs many coworkers who are willing to work in the sector of Caregiver and Everyday Accompaniment.

First Practical Experience

What makes a qualified and successful employee is to experience and learn from many different situations in their working life. With us you have the opportunity to gain your first practical experience within a 3 month internship.

Future Development

Todays Germany needs many coworkers who are willing to work in the sector of medical care.

Focus on Education

After the end of your education you will be fully qualified to fulfil your responsibility in your future Job .

Basic Medicare

Body situation of people get worse, the older they become and the importance of basic medical care comes forward.