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"Stationäre und ambulante Pflegeassistenz mit LG1 und LG2 inkl. Betreuungskraft"


Wissen Trainieren Anwenden

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Possible learning content:

  • Communication (in nursing)
  • Teaching of everyday diseases
  • Hygiene
  • Personal hygiene
  • Prophylactic measures
  • Documentation
  • Legal basis
  • Disease and Nursing
  • Perceiving and observing


  • Stationäre und ambulante Pflegeassistenz mit LG1 und LG2 inkl. Betreuungskraft (1280 UE + 3-month internship)
  • Alltagsbegleiter und Betreuungskraft nach § 53c (480 UE + 1-month internship)
“Stationäre und ambulante Pflegeassistenz mit LG1 und LG2 inkl. Betreuungskraft”

There is still an acute shortage of skilled workers on the social care market. From a perspective, this trend will intensify as society is getting older and the need for well-qualified employees will steadily increase. WTA education center offers interested and ambitious people the opportunity to be trained in the field of nursing as part of our further training course to become a nursing assistant, including caregiver § 53c and housekeeping, treatment care LG1 and LG2.

Our lecturer has long-term experience in the field of nursing and teaches you the learning content both theoretically and through practical exercises. Following the teaching units in our facility and after passing an internal final exam, you complete a 3-month mandatory internship in order to apply and deepen the skills you have learned with us in practice. When looking for a suitable internship, our trained job coaches are at your side with help and advice.


In order to be able to participate in our further training offer, you need an education voucher from your responsible employment agency / your responsible job center. Since the measure has been discontinued in the past due to the wrong ideas of individual participants, a 2-week preliminary internship in a care facility is recommended.