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Nicht allein (Sozialcoaching)

support in everyday life

Nicht allein (Sozialcoaching)


Wissen Trainieren Anwenden

Individual 1: 1 coaching

“Individual qualification plans are developed to improve everyday organization, personal lifestyle, motivation, time management and personal problems.”


The course is aimed at:

  • Low-skilled or unskilled jobseekers
  • Unemployed over 50 years
  • Unemployed people with mental illness / stress
  • Unemployed young adults under the age of 25
  • Unemployed people with a migration background
  • Unemployed people living alone and single parents
  • Low-wage earners in precarious life situations
  • Returnees and unemployed without training
  • Long-term unemployed
  • People with multiple barriers to integration


  • Orientation of everyday working life and structuring

  • Application training

  • Family and work


For more information and to register for the course, you can contact us on our telephone number or contact us directly at.

Duration of Course

100 UE in 3 months

2x per week with each 4/5 UE

Your Contact Person

Frau Altay-Dogan

The starting point of our offer is the observation that the professional and private everyday life of job seekers is often characterized by complex needs. The participants receive individual advice within our offer so that personal skills are stabilized and optimized. The participants are strengthened in terms of motivation and their own goals.

Our advice takes the entire life situation into consideration. Goal development and help planning are supported by practical help and help for self-help. Our needs-based individual coaching therefore starts with the individual orientations, resources and obstacles of the participants.