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Frauen im Vordergrund

Opportunities for women

Frauen im Vordergrund


Wissen Trainieren Anwenden


Coaching for women with migrants background

“The course program offers women with a migration background the opportunity to take the first steps in order to shape their lives independently despite existing language barriers.”


  • Job-related / application-related Communication training
  • Application support
  • Environment-related information transfer
  • Everyday communication Orientation in the district
  • Reflection more personal Migration experiences

Only female teachers are available on request. In addition, there is the possibility of childcare on site for women with small children.

Duration of Course

150 UE in 4 months

3x per Week with each 3 UE

Your Contact Person

Frau Altay-Dogan

The course offers support women with a migration background and their families in orientation in a completely new environment and in coping with the resulting problems. The individual problems that such a reorientation often entails are taken into account.