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We are here for you

with 8 different courses

As a WTA training center, we improve ourselves every day and always try to offer our potential participants new opportunities. We are continuously developing new measures for you that are perfectly tailored to the individual needs of the participants.

Content of Our Courses

We improve ourself and put efforts to progress forward for our potential participants.

Deine Zukunft - selbst gestalten

You may have a specific requirement for your future job. Set your own schedule with us.


WTA support our participant in every phases of Job-Search. This process starts from basic knowledge to professional job search. Together we will find a work which is within your creteria.

Nicht allein

So far have you tried to achieve your goals all by yourself? We are here to provide you with organized and professional support. We sit down with you and put your (work) life in the right order.

Durchstarten in Arbeit

People with a migration background have worked in their home country and are unable to provide any document which are equal in German-system. We provide you the best support.

Gemeinsam Aktiv

The need for a 1: 1 coaching course for single parents arises from the fact that they are usually exposed to a high double burden of professional and domestic-family obligations.

Perspektive Neustart I - II

We prepare you for your future and explain your options in Germany. Even if you do not have a diploma or certificates in your professional life, we will be happy to help you with the necessary decisions for your future in Germany.

Frauen im Vordergrund

The contents of the course includes everyday-life, needs-based and job-related learning content that does not require any previous knowledge or a certain language level.