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Mit uns zum Ziel

Searching for new Works

Mit uns zum Ziel


Wissen Trainieren Anwenden


Individual 1:1 Coaching for people who are searching a job or trying to improve their competence during interviews.

“Together we create carefully designed application documents based on your skills and at the same time prepare you for an interview”

During this course, the participants have the opportunity to obtain the following qualifications from us and our cooperation partners:

  • Creating written application documents
  • Interview – basics and training
  • Self-marketing strategies
  • IT-basics for CV document
  • Job research in various job-portals
  • Behavior and apperance during interview

For more information and registration for the course, you can reach us from our phone number or you may come into our address.

Duration of Course

40 UE in 4-8 Weeks

1-2 per Week with each 4/5 UE

Your Contact Person

Frau Altay-Dogan  –  Herr Zimer

Everyday many people with different backgrounds search for new Jobs and unfortunately sometimes they are unable to find the job they want in a short time. We as WTA supports our participant in every phase of Job-Search. This process starts from basic knowledge to professional job search. Together we will try to find a work which is within your creteria.